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Design & Development

As one of the leading niche semiconductor subcontract manufacturing facility in Malaysia, SAM emphasises in providing total engineering solutions to customers in packaging and testing semiconductor products. Our strength lies in our cross-functional engineering team from product development, process engineering, equipment engineering, test and quality control. We work closely with customers to realise marketable semiconductor product ideas into high quality products. We have experience in customising customers’ unique requirements into existing or new semiconductor packages.

Our established product development and engineering change control system ensures design for manufacturability and quality products through the following stages:

Gathering and understanding customer's requirements
Product design (design for manufacturability and design FMEA)
Material research, assessment and acquisition
Equipment research, customisation or acquisition
Prototype development
Prototype testing (inhouse and customer)
Qualification build
Qualification testing (inhouse and customer)
Manpower training and certification
Pilot production
High volume manufacturing

For example, we have successfully customised a bidirectional transient voltage suppressor consisting four silicon chips into a miniature surface mount SOT143 package. This involved designing the lead-frame, customising process equipment for 4-die bonding, prototyping using etched lead-frames, reliability testing, customer qualification, to high yield volume manufacturing.